Our Selection

Together with Mick O’Shea, we have selected the following images and texts to be printed and installed on North Main Street, Cork City, during ArtTrail 2007

Thomas Boland - Escalator

Sarah Iremonger - Unlucky Lads

Bern Roche Farrelly


Excerpt from Carbon 12


When the uniformed horde of children were ticked off and sent away for the last time he had not fled hastily like so many of his collages. Instead he had stayed behind to lock with care each of the old, institutional, wooden doors. He knew that with his connections to the world of learning that he would soon be able to find someone in the States who would be willing to take him in and arrange a satisfactory legal status for him while he waited for grumpy old Europe to get over this fit and fall peacefully asleep again. read on…

Rachel Marsden - Stafford

Niall de Buitlear - frags gallery small

Anna Francis - Terraced House

Milk, Two Sugars - mts 1 5

Laura Fitzgerald - sitting room

Jason de hann & Kris Lindskoog - OVERCOMING PROBLEMS

Helen Grundy - Punk eye wall chart 1

Grainne Finn - G_Coping Strategy

Fionnuala Doran - Modes of Travel 3

Dara McGrath - Garges Les Gonesse

Conrado Velasco -pet

Caron Geary -  DAVE BABY

We are also negotiating a venue in Berlin, to be revealed soon… so watch this space


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