POSTED 3 on the way to Berlin…

We met Daniel Weiss during ArtTrail – he is the science behind the MONOLINE project, a qualified Physicist, experimenter in the field of noise, and from Berlin. After talking about the posters, he offered the window of his venue Zaa.

Thanks Daniel! We look forward to seeing what you and co. do with them!

Look at Zaa:


The site, the installation, the week, the end

POSTED 3 – installed at 96 North Main street, Cork City

Follow this link to see a slideshow of documentation of the installation of the posters.

Contents: bucket, brush, PVA, water, early morning, no rain

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To view all submissions to POSTED 3 – future world, and if you do have something to say please don’t keep it to yourself, do leave a comment …

Thanks again to all the artists that submitted


THANKS to 78 artists who entered!

Submission is now closed for POSTED 3 FutureWorld. Thanks to all who have submitted images and texts, we are now starting on the selection phase, and will post our decision here as soon as possible. A gallery of all submissions will be online here also, and don’t keep your comments to yourself (unless they are deliberately insulting, we will post every comment)

Deadline approching

Just to give artists notice that POSTED 3 closing date will be this friday 24th August for submissions.

Call for Submissions

POSTED 3 - FutureWorld - Call for Submissions


POSTED 3 (Future World) will be a curated international poster project presented in September this year in the Shandon area of Cork City, in a venue outside Ireland, and on a project website – as part of the ArtTrail festival. It will be the third episode in the POSTED PROJECT series from artist collaboration SKART. Submission will be free, and open to all artists who’s work can be re-presented in A2 poster format. The website will include a curated gallery of submissions; documentation from each venue; and a public discussion forum.
For this project SKART have invited Mick O’Shea, director of Cork Artists Collective, transdisciplinary artist and chef, to co-curate/ select the images with us and to propose a subtitle.

Nearly all modern thinking about the future is hobbled by our obsession with a pair of rigidly defined mythic narratives — the myth of progress on the one hand, and the myth of apocalypse on the other.” John Michael Greer

Whatever its relation to liberalism, a modern Utopia would nevertheless appear firmly situated within the ideology of progress; H. G. Wells’s fundamental criticism of previous utopias is precisely that they are static:
Those were all perfect and static States, a balance of happiness won forever against the forces of unrest and disorder that inhere in things. One beheld a healthy and simple generation enjoying the fruits of the earth in an atmosphere of virtue and happiness, to be followed by other virtuous, happy, and entirely similar generations until the gods grew weary.
Send up to 3 images (as jpeg) or texts to no later than 24th August 2007
see for further information

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